Cheap & Best Portable Chicken Coop Kits for Sale

Portable_chicken_coopChicken coops as we all know are used to house chickens, tend them and take care of them as they grow. There are permanent chicken coops on the one hand and on the other hand there are these portable chicken coops. There are obvious some benefits as far as these portable chicken coops are concerned. Since they are smaller, they are easier to maintain and therefore they are generally much cleaner when compared to the stationery ones. It also goes a long way to provide the much needed moving space for the little chicks. Since these portable coops can be moved around the entire home, they can be great mobile fertilizing devices. The droppings of chicks are wonderful fertilizing agents and one can make best. While conventional coops are also very much in demand, when it comes to mobility and ease of installing and uninstalling, there is no doubt that these portable ones are always a much better option. They are also competitive in terms of pricing without compromising on quality and functionality in any manner whatsoever.

There are literally dozens of such portable chicken coops and choosing the right one could often be a tough and challenging task. Over the next few lines, we will try and find out more about five such portable coops and look at them from various parameters.

Check Out These Portable Chicken Coops

TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run 

  • It is perfectly suitable for 4 bantams and 2 standard size chickens.
  • It comes with removable divider and hinged roof. A perfect nesting house for chicks.
  • It also has a sleeping house which also comes with hinged roof and a roosting pole that is removable.
  • To restrict access as and when required it also has a sliding roof atop the ramp which very few coops have.
  • It is quite ergonomic in nature and also weighs reasonably light and has the right dimensions.
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Pawhut Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop / Hen House w/ Outdoor Run 

This is another feature rich chicken coop and here are a few that are worth mention:

  • Perfectly suitable for those looking for a coop with built in window.
  • This helps a lot in the best of air circulation.
  • The ramp comes with an easily operable sliding access door.
  • The nesting box is quite large and located on the side.
  • It has 2 virtual nesting areas because of dividers which are removable.
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Confidence Pet 62″ Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop 

  • Though it is a chicken coop, it can also be easily used to raise ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.
  • The material used is of the best quality. It is made from wood that is furniture grade.
  • It also comes with a wonderful antifungal finish increasing the life of the coop.
  • Also has a very unique built in run area which helps the pets to move around freely.
  • The steel wire is also made from high quality heavy duty material.
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Merax Wooden Pet House Rabbit Bunny Wood Hutch House Dog House Chicken Coops Chicken Cages Rabbit Cage 

It is feature rich and has quite a few functions and specifications that are worth mention. Here are a few of them that are extremely pertinent and relevant:

  • It is a unique coop with two rooms which are divided.
  • It also comes with removable roof.
  • There also is a unique iron hook which is foldable.
  • This is very useful when it comes to closing and opening the door between the ramp and the living house
  • The material is of high quality and cedar wood that is kiln dried is used.
  • It comes with color stains which are natural.
  • Very easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Comes with hardware and instruction manual which is easy to understand.
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Pawhut 64″ Chicken Coop Hen House w/ Nesting Box and Outdoor Run

  • It is a multipurpose coop.
  • It is suitable for rabbits, chickens, ducks and other poultry birds and also rabbits.
  • It comes with nesting box, backyard run area and chicken coop all built into one.
  • It comes with easily usable sliding doors enabling easy entry and exit of chicks and other birds and animals.
  • The nesting box is quite generous. Making it easy for birds to easily access food and water and also for easy extraction of eggs.
  • On the whole a complete and holistic coop offering excellent value for money.
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How To Choose The Right Portable Coop – Some Useful Tips

While the above reviews could give a broad idea about the various points to be kept in mind while evaluating portable coops, when it comes to choosing the right one there are quite a few important points that need to be kept in mind. Chickens and perhaps even other domestic animals like rabbit, guinea pigs, etc need the right home and living environment for it to grow healthily and offer the desired benefits to its owners.

Hence when choosing the right portable coop, the starting point should be the size. The size would depend on the number of chickens that one is planning to keep. The next point is to choose between standalone coop and a coop that is placed in an enclosed area. The latter option could be better but often price could be a prohibitive factor.

Choosing The Right Size And Shape 

This often could pose lot of challenges because portable coops are available in various sizes and shapes. They could be available in single stories or even could come in two or three stories. If you are planning to rear Cockerels it might be better to opt for twin or three storied coops because of the tendency of these birds to roost high. If predators like fox visit the coop, having a coop with three stories will certainly help in terms of safety and security.

Easily Cleanable Coops 

The next important point is to always look for coops that are easily cleanable. They should be made from material that is water resistant and water proof. It should not absorb water. Further it is always better to look for coops that are made from  anti fungal materials which will enhance their life quite a bit.

They should be portable in the true sense of the term. In other words, they should be easily removable. This is important because when there is a big garden looking for quality and natural fertilizers, the droppings of chicks and other pet animals like rabbit and guinea could be very useful.

While cost is a very important attribute this alone is not the only point which must decide the purchase. The overall looks and appearances, the comfort that it gives to the chicks, safety features should all be taken into account.


At the end of the day while there is no doubt that portable coop have its own benefits and advantages doing some research and going through intelligent due diligence process helps. Looking up various reviews and customer feedbacks will be one of the best ways forward. It is certainly going to be a major investment and therefore the process of buying must not be hurried through under any situations.

Portable Chicken Coop Kits Buying Guide – Your Complete Reference

All human beings need proper shelter and food for proper well being and livelihood. In a similar way, even chicken need shelter for their survival from various climatic changes. The chicken coops are quintessential for the poultry animals. The chicken coops should be durable enough in order to provide a protective habitat in order to safeguard the hens from predators and provide sufficient space to roam around.

Chicken coops are the greatest investment for the raising chickens because it is an inexpensive way to give fresh meat as well as eggs for their entire family. Getting a chicken coop might be a challenging task, if you are purchasing for the first time then get a better idea on portable chicken coop kits.

Architecture and portable chicken coop plans

Below are listed with tips and suggestions choose the best and durable chicken coop which is just not only safe for chickens, but it should also give a good look and functional as well. In this regard, portable chicken coop plans will help you to accomplish the task successfully without any issues at the later stages-

  • Waste disposal

In order to clean and to provide a proper drainage system, it’s better to have a little slope within the coop area. You can also plan for keeping replaceable plastic trays for timely disposal of waste.

  • Nesting

Chickens need nesting boxes to lay eggs and those boxes should be placed at the corner of the coop. Ensure to keep nesting boxes for every 4-5 chickens. The boxes should be kept at a height slightly above the ground level, but below the roosting poles. In fact, this is the normal criteria to follow while purchasing the portable chicken coops.

  • Feeder

While buying a chicken coop, make sure that feeder and waterer should be within the coop. This is very much important for maintaining the health of the chickens.

  • Orientation

The orientation of the chicken coop should be in such a way that it should get an adequate amount of sunshine and to protect from the cold draft. Always buy the one which meets all these parameters and which has all these features. So, proper portable chicken coop plans are very important or else you can take the professional suggestion.

Consider aforementioned points in mind while buying chicken coop…

Different types of portable chicken coop

Generally, you can find few designs in the chicken coop kits, you need to be specific about the portable chicken coop which is suitable to fix in your area. Let us see some of the popular architecture of portable chicken coop.

Garden coop: this is one of the best and effective coops found in small scale chicken farming. This coop has the capacity of holding 8 hence, if you are planning for more you can customize the coop as per your requirement. The key element in this design is you can get the full-size door which can help you in maintenance, this type of chicken cops are easy to modify as per your requirement and easy to maintain the process. Generally, you can find measurements in 10W*6D*8H, for domestic use, this would be the best and ideal choice.

Basic coop: This is one of the high selling design of chicken coop. this type of chicken coop can allow you to bread 4 hens, the materials used in building this product would be a high-quality material, which can sure you on the durability of the product.

Always while buying chicken coop makes sure that you are choosing the product which is manufactured using the best materials. Even if you have a small area to install coop this would be the ideal choice which can be fixed in the limited areas also. Find the best quality product from the popular sellers this can assure on the quality and service. Generally, the measurements of basic coops are 3W*3D*4H.

Garden run is one of the best coop designs which can be fixed in your garden area. This coop can be customized on the basis of your requirement. This is also user-friendly coop which is quite easy to clean and maintain.

In general, whatever the design or model you are buying should provide

  • ample light and ventilation
  • protection
  • roosts and nesting box
  • security

Before buying chicken coops check weather all these features are incorporated with the chicken coops or not. All these amenities are mandatory to have in your chicken coop.

 Portable chicken coops – A best and affordable option for small backyard

If you are searching for a great way to raise your small flock of chickens, but lacking with sufficient space, a portable chicken coop kit is considered as the best solution for your need. When permanent chicken coop structures are not desirable and don’t allow the chicken to roam freely, consider using portable chicken coops.

Nowadays, a large number of people, including people living in the urban area have started to breed their chicken in order to produce healthy eggs for families. In this regard, chicken coop allows the people to do chicken breeding much easily without burning their pocket.

The chicken breeders must choose a portable chicken coop which is pretty much simple along with minimal amenities so that they can be easily moved without any issues. Most of the chicken coops are capable of supporting to store a maximum of 5-6 chicken. They are 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.

Portable chicken coops are designed with the open floors so that the chickens get sufficient space for doing exercise to also to roam much easily within the coop. They will have real access to soil and grass. Long exposure of chicken waste gradually makes the soil toxic, so portable chicken coop on wheels support for relocation, so breeders need to buy portable chicken coop having wheels.

Most of the portable chicken coop on wheels includes wheels on one end and sturdy handles, on the other hand, thus making it quite easy to move when required. Once the breeder determines to store and based on that they can choose the property size, styles as per your needs.

The benefits of having portable chicken coop in your backyard

Raising chickens in your backyard is just not only a rewarding experience but on the other hand, it can save your money as well. Additionally, you can also enjoy the benefits of having organic eggs on a regular basis, which can be either consumed plain or can be used along with your regular cooking. The remaining eggs can be donated to friends and neighbors or else you can sell it as well.

Nowadays, there is greater demand for organic eggs and people would be definitely happy to take it from you at a much fair price.

Certainly, rising chicken is indeed an affordable and realistic technique for the people having a small backyard. One must be really thankful for the brilliant idea of moving chicken coops.

  • Portable chicken coops are quite small in size, and it doesn’t take up much space.
  • They are sturdy and help to keep the chickens safe from predators and protect them from harsh climatic conditions.
  • They are inexpensive and quite easy to buy even for freshers as well.
  • The portable chicken coops are lightweight can it can be easily relocated on a regular basis.

Vital reasons to choose a portable chicken coop kit

If you are planning to raise a little flock, then buying a portable chicken coop would be definitely an ideal choice. Here are 3 reasons as why it is ideal to purchase, even the features and designs of portable chicken coop kits can help you in handling the processes pretty much simple and convenient-

  • portable chicken coop are Convenient

The portable chicken coops are extremely convenient can be easily moved from one location to another location. A permanent chicken coop may cause serious issues, in case if you find the current location to be less ideal for your chickens and when they are making more mess in your yard, you can relocate the coop if you opt for portable chicken coop.

  • Easy cleaning

A portable chicken coop is quite easy to clean than any other standard crops. When you want to clean the area, all that you are supposed to do is move your coop and move ahead to clean up the chickens. It’s because of its size; it becomes quite easy to clean coops when required.

  • Much better protection

It’s because of the size and ability of coop to transport, you can easily move these coops into a much-protected area during night time, especially when your chicken coop area is more prone to dangerous insects. This is another vital reason to consider portable chicken coops.

The aforementioned are some of the reasons to consider portable chicken coops. They do have limitations for raising a large number of kitchens.

Easy maintenance of these portable chicken coops

Those who are thinking about maintaining their chicken and also to provide them with eggs on a regular basis should consider purchasing a cheap chicken coop as it is quite easier to maintain. They can be easily moved from one location to another location within a short span of time and can get rid of the mess made by your hens. On the other hand, you can reduce damage getting into your garden.

Before moving out to purchase a portable cheap chicken coop, ensure whether you are allowed to keep your livestock in your backyard. The best way to accomplish this task is to find out what are all the essential aspects to consider in order keeping chickens in your backyard.

Once you have legally gotten permission to keep and feed chickens in your backyard, the very next thing that you are supposed to consider is your neighborhood solutions.

Five vital components should be considered before buying the best portable chicken coop

As you decide to raise your own chickens, then you think of getting a chicken coop. considers some features and advantages of buying a portable chicken coop

Chicken coop must be easy to clean

It’s quite an obvious fact that, while buying a chicken coop you should consider about chickens first, it needs human to get into the coop and clean it up. A healthy coop is very much essential to have healthy chickens. So, to have healthy chickens, you need to keep the coop clean enough.

The chicken coop must have enough of place to roost

Bear in mind that chickens should have adequate room for roosting to rest comfortably. The chickens are quite different from us and they usually like to roost up above the ground freely, this is because chickens usually like to roost on the trees. So, it’s better to buy the portable chicken coop kit which has

Space must be sufficient enough for the chickens

We human being doesn’t like to live in a cramped condition and in this matter, even chickens are no different. In fact, they are more active than humans and hence they need more space. Chickens which are regularly kept within a restricted environment and with less access to the outer environment don’t need much space. One of the best techniques to be followed in this regard is to buy chicken coop with 2-4 SQ-feet for every chicken in the area. The chicken must be provided access to run and move freely inside the coop area.

The chickens must have sufficient place to nest

The major benefit of having your own chickens is the fresh eggs they provide. You need to ensure that your coop has a much greater nesting area which encourages the birds to lay eggs in a safe and accessible place. The best answer is to buy the chicken coop with nesting boxes.

Coop ventilation

You may be wondering while buying chicken coops which just not only keep your chicken locked up and protects it from the bad climatic condition, but need to buy a chicken coop which offers sufficient ventilation. Like humans, even chicken need fresh air and oxygen. The same goes with the removal of unwanted moisture as well as carbon-di-oxide. A chicken coop having sufficient space for air movement as well as proper ventilation will help to remove ammonia and dampness which may grow within the walls of the coop.

The walls of the chicken coop must have proper walls for insulation, which will keep the chickens dry. Unless chicken coops are dry enough, there will be no health issues to chickens, but cold climate plus humidity can cause serious health issues. Hence, proper insulation is very much essential.

Sound judgment

While buying chicken coop structure, make use of sound judgment in almost every way. If you want to make use of building materials are quite easy for cleaning and disinfecting. The door of the coop should open towards inward and not outwards. If you don’t want your chickens to roost on your windows, then it’s better to buy sliding windows.

Significant features to consider while buying a chicken coop

If you are buying a chicken coop for the first time and don’t have any idea regarding its purchase. Then consider following aspects which gives you an idea of what are all the vital aspects to consider while purchasing a chicken coop.

Spacious ambience

When you buy a chicken coop, make it a point to see whether the chicken can get a spacious atmosphere where utmost comfort and convenience is provided for the hens as well as chickens. There should be enough space for chickens to play and to develop as well. Gradually, it keeps them perfectly fit and fine with good health and they produce healthy eggs in the long run. So, having a spacious environment is the major key for the better growth of chickens.

Easy installation and mobility

Most times cheap chicken coops for sale is available in flat and packed during most times. It is for this particular reason easy installation is quite essential in order to avoid complications in the later stages. The entire chicken coops should be designed in such a way that, there should enough of space for poultry inside to develop ideally. Another important aspect to consider is mobility, if in case you need to change your area or get some bright sunshine for it.


The cheap chicken coops for sale should be designed in such way that, it should act as a sort of shield to prevent the entry of other animals entering into the coop and harming the chickens. A sudden change in the climatic condition can have a negative impact on the chickens. So, it is for this particular reason you need to give preference to cheap chicken coops. Excess cold and excess heat can also hamper the health condition of the chickens and hens. The necessity of having windows can’t be overlooked because it allows for sufficient sunlight for chickens inside the chicken coop.

Sturdy flooring

Sturdy flooring is quite essential to the coop, unlike other aspects. As we know that mice and rats are the biggest threat to the cleanliness as well as the safety of the hens. For this particular reason, it’s essential to consider the strength of the floor. The eggs laid by the chicken within the chicken coop are prone to get spoiled by the rats which take shelter beneath the flooring. So, you have to take appropriate cleanliness techniques since rodents can destroy the chicken eggs rather quickly. So, you have to quite careful while buying chicken coops.

Roosting perches

Hens need roosting preaches to abide by their regular behavior. An ideal perch is of width 5cm for bigger fowls and quite lesser for the smaller species. These are quite an essential aspect to consider while purchasing the chicken coops. On the other side, it also helps you to clean the chicken house very conveniently.

Integrated chicken run

It helps your chicken to roam freely in the area by giving them enough of space and thus provide them much happier sense while roaming freely. If you don’t want to consider integrated chicken run, then you can get stand alone chicken and later integrate with the chicken coop.

Fox proofing

A fox proof wire is also known as steel wire which is used to protect chicken and hens from harmful predators. Thicker the hardware cloth, the tougher it becomes to break. Alternatively, electric fencing is another thing which can help you in this regard. Fox can easily detect the electric charges flow via wires and are easily repulsed by them. There are a number of other solutions available in the market.

If you take care of aforementioned aspects, then definitely you shall not regret purchasing it. Remember that, chicken coops play a vital role in ensuring a healthy livelihood of the hens and chickens.

Purchasing Portable chicken coop from Amazon

If you are planning to buy Portable chicken coop then the best online store would be Amazon, you can find numbers of sellers promoting their products through Amazon, you need to follow some procedure before making a purchase. It’s better to know more about sellers and their price, which can help you in finding the best product.

Check reviews before purchasing Portable chicken coop form Amazon, you can find numbers of sellers across the world, and irrespective of price rage you need to consider the quality entities which can help you in getting the best and durable product, it is essential to check the seller ratings before purchasing the product.

Checking seller information can help you in finding the best and efficient seller. Generally, best sellers deal with the best quality material, and their main motto will be customer satisfaction, in this competitive era they need to fight with others sellers also sometimes you can get the products for the best price. To get the discount, you can find some coops if any sellers running a marketing campaign, these coupons you can get it from Amazon or from any other coupon websites find the best product from the best seller.

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